Path415: what I have received so far…

Hi there I haven’t heard from too many of you, but where I have I can tell that you have been thinking about this indeed.

Kudos to NS and TL!

Each of you proposed a method that wouldn’t be the easiest to perform given what you have got – which is control antisera to B. An ELISA would rely on having a specific antibody for one epitope, and another capture against a different epitope. According to the outline, you weren’t provided with those. Alternatively, the idea of a western blot was proposed with the idea to run samples from a known N. meningitidis-infected cell line… and then trying to look for antibodies in the sera that recognize it.

However one of you did touch on the easiest approach, that relies on “agglutinaire” – although what would be tested wasn’t quite right. If your known standard is antisera to type B, what will you need to be recognizing in the test sample? not sera… but?

Where will that sample come from?

Answers at 11… 🙂