Lab Members


IMG_7954 Name: Jacqueline Quandt

Position: Principal Investigator & Associate Director of the UBC MS Research Group

Awards and Honours

2016 Distinguished Achievement Award for Excellence in Education – Faculty of Medicine

YWCA Women of Distinction Award Nominee – Research and Sciences 2016

Most Valuable Player Award – Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine 2016

MS Ambassador of the Year – MS Society of Canada BC/Yukon Division 2014

Name: Pierre Becquart

Position: Research Assistant & Laboratory Manager

labmembers_tissa Name: Tissa Rahim

Position: Graduate student (Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, 2013 – present)

BSc., Integrated Science (UBC, 2013)

Awards and Honours: 
Canada Graduate Scholarship – Master’s (2014)
Faculty of Medicine Graduate Student Award (2013)
24 Hours Newspaper’s Top 24 Under 24 (2011)
UBC Alumni Helen Knight Bursary (2011)
Messing Family Bursary in Science (2011)
UBC President’s Entrance Scholarship (2008)

Publications and Presentations:
“Modulation of ARNT2 expression as an indicator of neuronal responses in models of multiple sclerosis” T. Rahim, A. Leung, J. Quandt (Poster presentation, UBC Pathology Day, 2014)

“Glucocorticoids are differentially regulated in lymphoid organsof developing altricial and precocial birds” M.D. Taves, J. Losie, T. Rahim, K.L. Schmidt, M. Robertson, B.A. Sandkam, C. Ma, S.A. MacDougall-Shackleton, F. Silversides, K.K. Soma (Submission pending, 2014)

labmembers_adam Name: Adam Yu

Position: Graduate student (Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, 2014 – present)

BMLSc, Medical Laboratory Science (UBC, 2014)

Awards and Honours:
Top 4 Poster Presentation, Pathology Day, University of British Columbia (2015)
Faculty of Medicine Graduate Award (2014)
Faculty of Medicine Summer Student Research Studentship (2014)

Publications and Presentations:
“High Yield and Purity of Primary Astrocyte and Microglia Cultures from Embryonic Mouse and Rat Cerebral Cortex” A. Yu, S. Neil, J. Quandt (Poster presentation, Canadian Association of Neuroscience, Vancouver, Canada, 2015)

“Examining DNAJC13 Expression Within the Neurovascular Niche and its Role in the Pathogenesis of Inflammatory Neurodegenerative Disease” A. Yu, S. Neil, J. Quandt (Poster presentation, UBC Pathology Day, 2015)

“The Expression and Localization of the Neuroprotective Protein ARNT2 in Cellular Models Using Immunocytochemistry” A. Yu, A. Leung, J. Quandt (Poster presentation, UBC Pathology Day, 2014)

GBC_petite Name: Gabrielle Chartier

Position: UBC Psychiatry Resident – Research track (2015-2020)


2012-2014 M.Sc. Faculty of Medicine, Université de Montréal, Montreal, QC  Cognitive vulnerability of depressed adolescents and their healthy siblings

2010-2015 M.D. Université de Montréal, Montreal, QC

Publication and Presentations: 

Cognitive Vulnerability to Depression: A Study on Depressive Adolescents and their Siblings, Chartier G.; Booij, L.; Garel P.; Herba, C.; CNMSRS 2014, Winnipeg, MB (Oral presentation, 2014)

Examination of Membership Profiles in the Main Classes of International Classification of Disease Given the Presence or Absence of Specified Mental Disorders; Chartier, G.; Cawthorpe, D.; Health and Human Rights, Milano, Italy (Oral presentation, 2013)

Does Bipolar Disorder begin before adolescence? Chartier, G.; D’Argis, F.; Zarrelli, M.; Garel, P.; 8th ISAPP Congress, Berlin , Germany (Poster presentation, 2011)

Quandt Lab Alumni

Samir Alkabie
Victoria Baronas
Jayasree Basivireddy
Elena Cavazzi
Daphne de Launay
Nikhita Dogra
Negar Farzam-kia
Andrew Leung
Natasha Moffatt
Sarah Neil
Katerina Othonos
Cheryl Whiting                                                                                                                                    Lixin Zhou